Protect your Assets with Home-Owners Insurance

Save 10% or more over your current Home-Owners policy!

Home-Owners insurance covers a privately owned residence from losses that may occur in one’s home such as loss of use, theft or property damage, it will also cover to completely rebuild your home after a loss.

The insurance also covers wind/hail damage, tornadoes, fires, fallen trees, lightening, theft and more. 

This also covers liability for any accidents that may happen within your home or at the hands of the homeowner within the policy territory. This would also include lawsuits that one may get from an accident on your property or lost wages due to the incident.

Your personal possessions will be covered whether or not they are inside of your home. For example: if you purchased a television and on your way home the television was damaged, your homeowners insurance can cover the damage. As long as you own the item it does not need to be inside of your home.

If you are unable to stay at your home during repairs, your homeowners insurance will cover your stay in a hotel room until the repairs are completed.

Bundle with your auto insurance in order to save you money!